#ItalLIVITY |🍴🌍🍶| Mýa 2018 #VeganChallenge



Participate in Mya’s 2018 1st Quarter 7 Day #Vegan #RawVegan #AlkalineVegan or #Juicing Challenge!

The challenge begins February 23rd, 2018 and ends the time you started on March 2nd.

Choose your challenge, post your daily meals to instagram in collage or slide format, tag Mya @MyaPlanet9 with the hashtag #myaplanet9 & the hashtag of your challenge.

Join the challenge by supplying the following info to email mya@myamya.com: Full name, social media info, email, tel #, age, gender & mailing address. (…)

For more info on the other upcoming challenges, visit:


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