The Death of Clothing

Photos by: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg By Lindsey Rupp, Chloe Whiteaker, Matt Townsend and Kim Bhasin February 5, 2018 Excerpt: The apparel industry has a big problem. At a time when the economy is growing, unemployment is low, wages are rebounding and consumers are eager to buy, Americans are spending less and less on clothing. The woes of retailers are often blamed … Continue reading The Death of Clothing

AfroPoetics🌍 :📝 Afrikan WomYn -mYia X

Afrikan WomYn -mYia X One woman alone on a journey a journey to find self a journey to get justice a matchstick with a passion This woman questioned Webster's definition Mother ~ Maidservant ~ Wife Her Mirror revealed An evolving atmospheric Essence of WOMAN Warmth ~ Overstanding ~ Magnificent ~ Ally ~ Nurturer A Black … Continue reading AfroPoetics🌍 :📝 Afrikan WomYn -mYia X

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