How Will New York City Define the Future of Work? | Echoing Green

May 28, 2019

How Will New York City Define the Future of Work?

Echoing Green is a global organization, supporting innovators around the world.


How New York City collaborates and innovates to create new opportunities for living wages, worker security, workforce development and career advancement will help guide what the future of work can be, so that the benefits accruing from advancements in technology are shared more broadly and equitably among us all.

As the public, private, and civic sectors work to create good jobs for all New Yorkers, social innovators will play a pivotal role in defining the future of work in the City.

Echoing Green and Barclays are collaborating to bring social innovators and their ideas to the table.

Over several months, Echoing Green convened leaders across sectors to share solutions at the intersection of the future of work and social innovation. Echoing Green Fellows came together for a series of discussions on the key challenges and opportunities facing New York City and the future of work. Working in collaboration with other experts and partners, we identified clear opportunities for systemic social change to help shape a future of work for New Yorkers that is both inclusive and equitable.

The culminating conversation was an interactive event that convened social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business leaders, public officials, investors, and more to listen, learn, and respond to big questions.

These discussions generated recommendations for the future of work in New York City and invited all participants to contribute to a roadmap to make these plans a reality.

Source: How Will New York City Define the Future of Work? | Echoing Green

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