Blue is an odour too


Rantings Of A Third Kind

“The elements morphing into colours, and then, into edible odours too”Gun Roswell

Blue is an odour too

The colours of the deepest blue
Were totally shining though
Which ever way you just looked
Land or sea, you would not believe
Even the sky, in total gleam
And, in the most gorgeous shades seen

Eliciting alluringly odours
In the form of the deepest of blue colour
Each more powerful than the other
So much so, you could almost taste a few
Those mighty and strong, yet cool, colours of blue

The elements soon, coming alive
In all the gorgeous shades so divine
The feeling of blues sipping inside
There really is no where else to hide
So strong the calling of the ever so fine
As of blue, there is really no denying

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