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The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing panic throughout the country and we have seen the effects of it on a national, state and local level. Schools are being shut down and many companies have their employees working from home. Now, one the annual Carribean celebrations has been postponed. It’s been revealed that Jamaica’s Carnival,  which was scheduled to take place next month, has been postponed.

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and internal consultations with our fellow Ministries of Health & Wellness and Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sports and the carnival stakeholders we have decided to postpone the staging of our Carnival in Jamaica 2020 Road Marches to October 2020,” reads the statement posted on Instagram.

Postponing the annual celebration wasn’t an easy decision to make the country’s officials, but it was necessary considering the seriousness of the pandemic. Since people are coming from different countries as well,  taking this precaution is crucial.

“The decision by the government to postpone an event that is five weeks away is an imperative one and came after much consultation and deliberation.”

Carnival has been pushed back to October 25th, 2020 giving what’s thought to be enough time for this outbreak to be resolved.

“This postponement to October 2020 gives us seven (7) clear months from the initial detection of the virus in Jamaica to provide a level of chronological distancing that shows that we are committed to protecting the citizens of Jamaica and tourists from unnecessary exposure to the pandemic COVID-19.”

The fetes will take place between October 19th and October 24th.

Jamaica isn’t the only country delaying or cancelling Carnival. Unfortunately, St. Maarten has cancelled their Carnival,  which was also slated for April 2020.

COVID-19 is still being researched but it has been determined that it spreads mostly via person-to-person contact. The fatality rate is unclear but it has been made clear that it is deadlier than the flu.


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SOURCE: Jamaica Has Postponed Carvinal Due To The Corona Virus Pandemic — MadameNoire

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