Junjo Inna Di Judge Dem Wig?

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Jamaica Woman Tongue


Mi nearly dead wid laugh wen mi read wa Fieldgar post pon Gleaner website bout mi column, “Hair Policy Infested With Racism.” It did come out pon August 2: “Is it possible that those wigs that the legislators wear could also be infected with ‘junjo.’ This matter might need closer inspection.” So mi inspek. Not di wig dem; di matter!

First ting: no judge an no lawyer nah wear no wig inna dem ya time wen dem go a court inna Jamaica. Dat done. Well, some a di woman dem might a wear weave; an some a di man dem might a put on hairpiece fi cover dem bald head. A di lawyer wig mi a talk bout. A two kind a wig. One long an one short. Dem no cheap. One a mi fren dem tell mi seh fi har short wig did cost $200,000.00. Dat a fi…

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