Wa Mek Prince William an Kate a Come Ya?

ReBlog 🇯🇲| Excerpt: “Another country that has been tipped as a high possibility of being visited by the couple [Prince William and Duchess Catherine] is Jamaica. Much like Barbados, there have been murmurings that the country has thought about declaring independence and it is hoped that Prince William and Catherine will give the monarchy the boost it needs to convince Caribbean leaders not to follow Barbados.” 🧐|| Recalling, circa 2012, when our former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller proposed Jamaica begin the process to become a Republic. At that time, Prince Harry “visited” Jamaica as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tour celebration.🤔 [https://bit.ly/3LLKow8]

Jamaica Woman Tongue

Two spelling systems are used for the Jamaican language below. The first, ‘Chaka-Chaka’, is based on English spelling, which is notoriously irregular. The second, ‘Prapa-Prapa’, is the consistent, specialist system designed by the Jamaican linguist Frederic Cassidy. It has been updated by the Jamaican Language Unit at the University of the West Indies, Mona. After the two Jamaican versions, there’s an English translation.


Pon Bob Marley birthday, February 6, Queen Elizabeth start celebrate fi her 70 year Jubilee. Di two 6 clash inna Reggae Month. She a di first queen or king deh pon di throne fi so long. An party a go keep fi one whole-a year. Since as how Missis Queen a di head a fi wi country, it look like seh wi must an bound fi celebrate wid her. Nuh matter wa wi tink bout her an fi her generation dem! All like Queen…

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Snow and the trees 

ReBlog | #snowETIC prose 📝☕ |🗻🌨️ ”The snow falling on the trees and branches is making the forest look like an imaginary winter land, but not a wonder one though” – Gun Roswell

Rantings Of A Third Kind

”The snow falling on the trees and branches is making the forest look like an imaginary winter land, but not a wonder one though” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the trees 

The flakes are pouring down from the high heavens, landing all over the place, but especially on the tree tops in their race to conquer the world during this wintery swirl, nothing remains untouched as the goal is to get it all covered by so much snow, that those below, the dwellers, the animals the nature itself, will soon be in a white blanket laying undisturbed.

But a few greens here and there, dare to peek out from under the covers so light, while ruffling their spiky feathers, these pine trees will not submit or yield to the fight of the dominance of being under a flaky garment, not all over them anyway, rather letting these freaky flakes know, they…

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