Haitian Voices Of Resistance Today !!!!!

ReBlog || Long Live the Revolutionary Fervor of Jean Jacques Dessalines ✊🏾🇭🇹👊🏾: ” (…) Remember that I sacrificed everything to rally to your defense; family, children, fortune, and now I am rich only with your liberty; my name has become a horror to all those who want slavery. Despots and Tyrants curse the day that I was born. (…)”
#Ayiti #FirstDaughterOfAfrika 🌍 | FullPOWER SALUTE to ALL the Warriors on the Battlefield 🤜🏾🤛🏾 ForwardEVER!!!

Malaika H Kambon

A webinar featuring members of FANMI LAVALAS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE membersDr. Maryse Narcisse and Joel Edouard “Pacha” Vorbe. Hear directly from Haitian Voices of Resistance Today. Learn about the courageous and deepening struggle by the Haitian people to remove the US-backed dictatorship of Ariel Henry and to end the US/UN occupation of Haiti.

Saturday, April 30th

11AM-1PM Pacific Time / 2PM-4PM Eastern Time


Haiti Action Committee


Advancing the Research, Africans Deserve Reparations, Africans Rising, Africa Today/KPFA, All African People’s Revolutionary Party, African Children’s Advanced Learning Center, ANSWER Coalition-SF Bay Area, Anti Police-Terror Project, Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), Avotcja KPOO, BAYAN-USA, Bay Area Youth Arts, Black Cultural Zone, Caminante Cultural Foundation, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, Center for Political Education, Chiapas Support Committee, Code Pink, Communist Workers League, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Ecumenical Peace Institute, End Solitary Santa Cruz County, Flashpoints/KPFA, Four Nations, Freedom…

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