UE Mourns Loss of Retired International Representative Saladin Muhammad

Baba Saladin Muhammad; UBUNTU! ✊🏾 A Luta Continuá 👊🏾

Excerpt: His legacy will live on, and the clarity of his writing, words, and actions will continue to inspire us.” • “We have to carry on,” added Taylor. “We cannot let it die, that’s what he would want.”

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

UE International Representative Saladin Muhammad at a June 2011 community festival in Rocky Mount, NC. Photo: Ajamu Dillahunt.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Retired UE International RepresentativeSaladin Muhammadpassed away on September 19, after a long battle with illness. Muhammad played a key role in the founding and building of UE Local 150, UE’s statewide local in North Carolina whichrecently celebrated 25 years of struggle.

Black Workers for Justice, an organization that Muhammad helped found and which laid the groundwork that helped lead to Local 150’s founding,issued a statementdeclaring that Muhammad was “a staunch fighter for the Black Working Class. He worked tirelessly and with phenomenal energy to organize, guide, and lead our people’s fights and battles against oppression.”

Born in Philadelphia, Muhammad got a job at the Philco factory — a former UE shop lost to raids in the late 40’s —…

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