Re-Blog Ω Resilient Design for Low-Income Communities |THE DIRT🏡🌅🌇

In her new book Resilience for All: Striving for Equity through Community-Driven Design, author Barbara Brown Wilson seeks to confront the failings of traditional planning and design practices in vulnerable low-income communities. While others have pursued landscape-based solutions to this issue — think community gardens — Brown suggests there is a larger role for landscape […] … Continue reading Re-Blog Ω Resilient Design for Low-Income Communities |THE DIRT🏡🌅🌇

Black Future Month

Join the Movement!!! #BlackLivesMatter-Every Day Say hello to #BlackFutureMonth. As we stand in one of the biggest waves of resistance this country has seen in decades, we are inspired by our past. It is a history of incredibly courage by ordinary people facing extraordinary injustice. But this month, we are also visioning a future where … Continue reading Black Future Month