Art Tribute: Remembering Bobby Sands and freedom fighters from Palestine to Ireland

rEVOLutionary SALUTE ✊🏾 | #BobbySandsStillTeachesUs 🤜🏼🤛🏾 | Excerpt of letter from Leonard Peltier to Mumia Abu Jamal:
{…Our dream is still alive, and as hunger striker Bobby Sands once said, you can lock up the dreamer but you cannot place chains around an idea…} | #SOLIDarityIsPOTENT ✊🏾🌍🌎🌏 👊🏾 || A Luta Continuá


Acrylic Painting of Bobby Sands on the 40th Anniversary of 1981 Hunger Strike

On the 5thof May 1981, the Irish revolutionary Bobby Sands had a heroic death at the age of 27 after waging 66 days of hunger strike, the culmination of a 5-year protest that included the “dirty protests”, when Irish political prisoners resorted to smearing excrement on the walls of their cells in protest of prison officers’ repression and ill-treatment.

Many parallels could be drawn between the Palestinian and the Irish struggles for liberation. When I read Bobby Sand’s anthology “Skylark Sing Your Lonely Song” (1982), which accompanied my process of painting his portrait, my affinity with the Irish grew even stronger. We both livedunder similar systems of oppression, the product of the British imperialism. We both resisted, to use his words, “an alien, oppressive, unwanted regime that refuses to withdraw from our land.”Sands rejected for…

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Fanmi Lavalas Press Release

ReBLOG | FullPOWER SOLIDarity with the Liberation Warriors of Ayiti 🇭🇹 — A Luta Continuá 👊🏾🌍🌎🌏✊🏾

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Haiti Action Committee is honored to share this unofficial translation of a recent press release from Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization, the people’s party in Haiti.The statement was issued at a moment of massive protests demanding the ouster of U.S.-backed dictator, Jovenel Moise. It highlights the continuing impact of the February 29, 2004 coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and stresses the critical importance of community self-defense at a time of brutal repression against the popular movement.We hope you will read this powerful message and distribute it widely.

Fanmi LavalasPolitical Organization Press Release
March 2, 2021

Fanmi Lavalassalutes the Haitian people for the colossal February 28th demonstration.As is evident, our struggle is arriving at the crossroads of self-defense.Bravo to all the actors from civil society who have rejoined the struggle of the Haitian people. If, likeFanmi Lavalas, you had started…

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Albert Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3 are calling on all people to support Mumia Abu-Jamal and sign the Color of Change petition to DA Larry Krasner

[ReBlog] POWER Anywhere There is People ✊🏾 Join the International Movement to Free Mumia Abu Jamal | SIGN the Petition ✍🏽 | April 24, 2021 is the Birthday of Mumia AND an International CALL to FREE Him 🌍🌎🌏 |👊🏾 UHURU SASA Global CommUNITY👊🏾

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Please sign the Color of Change petition here.

Robert King on the left, with Albert Woodfox on the right

Note from the Jamal Journal:Special thanks to former Black Panther political prisoners Albert Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3, who sent us this message of support. To learn more about their story, please

Angola 3 (A3) Statement Supporting Mumia

The A3 is calling on all people to sign the Color of Change petition as we continue to demand the immediate release of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Mumia’s case has always been a travesty of justice and he has suffered ill health in recent years. Now Mumia is suffering from Covid 19, in addition to congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis and a painful skin condition.

He has been locked up for 38 years – 30 of them in solitary confinement. This is nothing less than torture.


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Queen Mother Moore’s Revolutionary Resistance Legacy

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Queen Mother Audley Moore; UBUNTU! ✊🏾

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Queen Mother Moore with Robert and Mabel Williams and the RNA, Dec. 1979 in Detroit
Queen Mother Moore with Robert and Mabel Williams and the RNA, Dec. 1979 in Detroit

One leading figure in the 20th century movement for African liberation in the United States and around the world is Audley Eloise Moore, widely known as Queen Mother Moore. Her efforts spanned the era of Jim Crow in the South where she was born in New Iberia, Louisiana on July 27, 1898, to the Garvey Movement of the 1920s and the Communist Left of the 1930s and 1940s.

Queen Mother Moore remained a symbol of resistance through the turbulent years of the 1950s through the 1970s, where she was a stalwart at numerous mass meetings, conferences and demonstrations across the U.S. and the world. Even into her later years of the 1990s she attended significant conferences related to the demand for reparations reminding a younger generation of activists and organizers that the struggle…

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Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The Man Who Led the Largest Mass Movement In Black History

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Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey; UHURU 🌍UBUNTU ✊🏾🇯🇲👊🏾

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

By Shamone Nelson | February 11, 2018

  1. Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. was born August 17, 1887, in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Out of 11 siblings, he was the youngest and only he and one of his sisters lived to adulthood.
  2. Garvey left Jamaica in 1912 to go study and go to college at Birkbeck College in London.He worked for‘The African Times and Oriental Review’ at the college.
  3. In 1916, Garvey created the Black Star Line in 1919, a shipping line used to transport goods and passengers betweenAmerica, the Caribbean and Africa. The shipping line was a major part of the Back-to-Africa movement.
  4. The Pan-Africanist leader formed thefirst Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA–ACL) division in Harlem, New York. At its height, the UNIA had over one thousand chapters across the world with over 1 million members
  5. Garvey also had a publication called “TheNegro World” which wasestablished in…

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Cuban doctors proposed from Chile for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

👊🏾✊🏾 ‘DOCTORS not Bombs, for LIFE and Peace’✊🏾👊🏾

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Prensa Latina, October 9, 2020- The Norwegian Nobel Institute accepted to include from Chile the nomination of Cuba’s Henry Reeve Medical Contingent for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
The proposal was presented to the Norwegian entity by prominent Chilean academic Haroldo Quinteros, Professor Emeritus of Social Sciences, representing the Coordinating Committee of Solidarity with Cuba and the Celia Sanchez Group, from Iquique city, organizations belonging to the Chilean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

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Junjo Inna Di Judge Dem Wig?

FullPOWER SALUTE🇯🇲 #JamaicaWomanTongue✊🏾 #timeFULLinSIGHTS👊🏾 ForwardPROGRESS🌱📜

Jamaica Woman Tongue


Mi nearly dead wid laugh wen mi read wa Fieldgar post pon Gleaner website bout mi column, “Hair Policy Infested With Racism.” It did come out pon August 2: “Is it possible that those wigs that the legislators wear could also be infected with ‘junjo.’ This matter might need closer inspection.” So mi inspek. Not di wig dem; di matter!

First ting: no judge an no lawyer nah wear no wig inna dem ya time wen dem go a court inna Jamaica. Dat done. Well, some a di woman dem might a wear weave; an some a di man dem might a put on hairpiece fi cover dem bald head. A di lawyer wig mi a talk bout. A two kind a wig. One long an one short. Dem no cheap. One a mi fren dem tell mi seh fi har short wig did cost $200,000.00. Dat a fi…

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Haydée Santamaría: 40 years after her death

Hasta la Victoria, Siempre! 🇨🇺✊🏾

fullPOWER SALUTE Compañera Haydée👊🏾 PRESENTÈ


Haydée Santamaría, one of the first women to join the guerilla struggle in the Sierra Maestra and founder of the Casa de las Americas, remembered the Moncada’s horrors until the last day of her life, July 28, 1980, but these memories only strengthened her resolve.

“Honor her as a brave woman,” wrote Fina García Marruz in an ode to Haydée Santamaría after her death, describing in a few lines who Haydée was and how we should honor her.

On the 40th anniversary of her death, it is worth returning to the poet’s text before recounting, succinctly, her life and work.

(…) Cover her with flowers, like Ophelia. / Those who loved her have been orphaned / Cover her with the tenderness of your tears. / Become dew to refresh your mourning. / And if the devotion of flowers is not enough / Tell her in her ear that it was all a dream. / Honor her as a brave woman / Who lost her last battle alone. / Do not remain long in her inconsolable hour / Her deeds are not destined to the oblivion of the grass. / Let them be gathered one by one, / There, where the light does not forget its warriors.

The Uruguayan poet and essayist, Mario Benedetti, who worked with her for many years at the Casa de las Américas, wrote:

“Haydée Santamaría means a world, an attitude, a sensibility and also a Revolution.” […]

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

Source:  Granma
July 31 2000

haydee santamaria
Haydée Santamaría at the Casa de las Américas in March of 1980. Photo: Granma Archives

“Honor her as a brave woman,” wrote Fina García Marruz in an ode to Haydée Santamaría after her death, describing in a few lines who Haydée was and how we should honor her. On the 40th anniversary of her death, it is worth returning to the poet’s text before recounting, succinctly, her life and work.

(…) Cover her with flowers, like Ophelia. / Those who loved her have been orphaned / Cover her with the tenderness of your…

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Haiti Emergency Relief Fund WEBINAR : August 8, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 pm PDT / (5:00 pm EDT) / Featuring Mildred Aristide, former First Lady of Haiti


Always Carry Forward The timeFULL Wordz, Soundz, Lessonz & strategic Optics of Jean-Jacques Dessalines:

⏳📜 “[…] My Name Has Become A Horror To ALL Those Who Want Slavery. Despots and Tyrants Curse The Day That I Was Born. […] 🤜🏾🌱🤛🏾 ||

°Tuko Pamoja° ↔ °We Are Together°✊🏾

ForwardEVER 🌬🌍🌎🌏

Malaika H Kambon


Mildred Trouillot Aristide, former First Lady of Haiti, is an attorney, author and a member of the Board of Administration of the Universite  de la Fondation Dr. Aristide (UNIFA). Mrs. Aristide will discuss the current health crisis in Haiti, including the impact of COVID-19, and will report on the remarkable work of UNIFA. Since reopening in 2011, UNIFA has graduated 230 new doctors, 78 new nurses, 8 physiotherapists and 30 lawyers,  providing young people in Haiti with the skills and knowledge to lead their country forward. Now UNIFA is launching its most ambitious project to date, a Campaign For Dignity to construct a new medical center and teaching hospital.

Also presenting:

Danny Glover – Actor and activist; has visited Haiti numerous times and has been a steadfast supporter of the work of UNIFA.

Laura Flynn – Author and educator who lived in Haiti from 1994-2000. Ms. Flynn remains deeply…

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Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast June 30, 2020 Edition

UBUNTU ↔✊🏾↔Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961)

fullPOWER SALUTE to ALL the PAN-AFRICAN Revolutionaries who continue to carry forward & ADVANCE African LIBERATION👊🏾 UHURU SASA!

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Listen to the Tues. June 30, 2020 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the escalating cases of COVID-19 in the United States and the impact on the economy; in the Southern African state of Mozambique the government is extending a state of emergency to address the continuing threat of the pandemic; Tanzanian President John Magufuli has declared again his committment to anti-imperialism; and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is celebrating 60 years of independence from Belgium. In the second hour we rebroadcast a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing by Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus where the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and other medical issues are discussed. In the final hour we look back on the life, times and contributions of the founder of the…

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