Reggae stars Nelly Stharre and Trevy Felix feared dead in house fire: Latest Information from AGSelect

Continued I-ditations to the Family

The Global RASTAFARIAN commUNITY continues to keep the Family in Prayers..



Repeating Islands


Our thanks to Ayeola George and AGSelect [] for sending the following update on the developing story of Nelly Shtarre and Trevy Felix’s apparent death in a fire in Dominica.

Though not yet confirmed by police in Dominica, fans and family alike have taken to social media to pay tribute to international reggae stars Nelly Stharre and Trevy Felix (AKA Ras Trevy), feared dead in a fire at the remotely located home which they occupied in the heights of Mahaut, a residential community north of the capital, Roseau.

The gruesome discovery of burnt skeletal remains was made late Wednesday 19th August by Trevy’s brother, Jeffers Felix, who alerted Nelly’s family and a short while later by Nelly’s brother Emile who alerted the authorities. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the couple by phone they each visited the remotely located residence. Nelly and Trevy had not been seen nor heard…

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