MAY DAY: On May 1, March w/ WWP & 50+ groups @ Union Square!

“…To Save Mother Earth,
We MUST Change The System…”👈

What’s the Elixir to defeat the Beast?

Globalize SOLIDARITY ✊

Strengthen Our Strategies📚📜📖

Build with & Join Organization(s)👊

On the Streets, Behind the Wall, Around the Globe🌍🌎🌏

ForwardEVER 🗣👊✊

You Know The Call…

May 1-Shut It Down!!

Moorbey'z Blog

May Day Where?
Union Square!

Rally: Noon
March: 5pm

Join the Workers World Party contingent on May Dayas we rally and march with more than 50 organizations in support of striking and migrant workers, and against imperialist war and racist police terror. Defend migrants and all workers! Shut It Down!The Union Square rally will begin at Noon,  we will march off at 5 pm. See you there, and make sure to click ‘going’ on the FB events below:

WWP contingent FB Event

Union Square Coalition May Day FB Event

Over 50(!!) organizations will be bringing contingents
to Union Square this year:


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